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Annual capacity of 1.2 million kv Ah sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery
Covering an area of
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Danger Of Exploding Batteries

Batteries contain sulfuric acid and produce explosive mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen.Because self-discharge actiongenerates hydrogen gas even when the battery is not in operation,make sure batteries are stored and worked on iawell-ventilated area.Always wear safety glasses and a face shield when working on or near batteries. When work- ingwith batteries:
 Always wear proper eye, face, and hand protection. 
Keep all sparks, flames, and cigarettes away from the battery.
Do not remove or damage vent caps. 
Make sure work area is well ventilated. 
Never lean over battery while boosting, testing, or charging.

Safe Battery Installation

To assure safe installation and proper operation,follow these installation procedures:
 Disconnect ground cable first (this is usually he negative cable;however,older vehicles may have a positive grou nd).
KRemove battery— note position of positive(+) and negative(-)terminals.Mark the cables for correct connectionreplacement battery.
Clean terminals and cable connections with a wire brush.Broken connections and frayed or cut cables should bereplaced.
Install the replacement battery in the same position as the old one. Secure battery with the holddown assembly.*Make sure the terminals do not touch any metal mounting, engine, or body parts.
Connect cables tightly.Connect ground cable last to avoid sparks.

Safe Charging

Before beginning the charging operation, read the instructions that come with the charger.Never attempt to charge abattery without first reviewing the instructions for the charger being used. In addition to the charger manufacturer'sinstructions, these general precautions should be followed:
 Always charge batteries in a well-ventilated area and wear proper eye protection.
Turn the charger and timer "OFF"before connecting the leads to the battery to avoid dangerous sparks.Never try tocharge a visibly damaged or frozen battery.
Connect the charger leads to the battery; red positive (+) lead to the pos.
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