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Services & Support For Acid Battery

After sales service of lead-acid battery

For the batteries sold, we have established a "customer file" and implemented tracking service. 
After the battery is sold, it is necessary to conduct telephone tracking at any time, perform patrol inspection at least once a year, and state the use of the battery to the customer, so that the customer can use it with confidence. 
In case of customer complaints, the handling plan shall be provided within one hour. Including on-site rehabilitation plan and return handling plan until customers meet. The main idea is to minimize the customer's trouble. 
Under normal circumstances, the returned battery will issue a test statement within two weeks of arrival, which is our responsibility; If it is not our battery, we will issue corresponding statements to guide customers in their use.

Warranty Rules

 Warranty period
depending on the application method and customer, the warranty period is one year. 
 Operation instructions
The lead-acid battery shall be stored for a long time for three months to make up for the battery power, and the battery shall be charged and discharged once every six months to achieve a cycle; During the operation, it is forbidden to discharge the battery dry and recharge it, which has a great impact on the battery. It should be charged as soon as it is used, and the overflow should be stopped, but it should not be overcharged or over discharged.
Carton, tie tape or wooden case can be used according to the transportation distance.
 Carton Packaging
Depending on the specific model
The samples can be delivered by express, in batches, free of charge in Guangzhou, and logistics or buses can be used outside Guangzhou Inspection. If encountering irresistible factors, our three parties can handle the transportation problem harmoniously.
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